CCI Strategy

CCI Group has associations with renowned manufacturers, engineering firms, and major suppliers across Europe, the USA, the Far East, and the Middle East. CCI Group has enhanced its competitive position through a well-defined and integrated approach toward lucrative investment decisions. Our strategic partnerships with global business leaders in multiple sectors have led to the effective creation of prolific new ventures with primary a focus on the MENA region and emerging markets.

Our outstanding track record of providing top-standard services within those fields for both the private and public sectors has gained us the title of the most well-known EPIC (engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning) Company in the Region. The result is a successful outcome reflecting our client's objectives and principles, making us their first point of contact whenever a new project is due and their long-lasting partners.


To be the leading provider of quality engineering services in Middle East and abroad.


We pursue to fulfill the needs of clients and society with highest quality, through teamwork, efficient resource usage and updated techniques, while conserving the environment.

We usually strive to realize our vision by:

* Making care for the customer our overriding priority and concern in everything we do.

* Building a professional team of principled and capable people.

* Exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality of products and services.

* Building close and effective partnerships and strategic alliances.

* Offering our customers with world class Solutions, Products and Services by optimal cost of ownership and true Return on Investment.

* Serving our customers better and achieve a higher level of service satisfaction, profitability and growth.


We are sincere with our clients. We believe that where we are today and who we are today, is due to our clients’ faith in us, as well as our partners’ support and shared values.

Many of our clients have been with us for over long years, and that comes as a result of our honesty and sincerity in service. We strive to continuously improve the products and services we offer, and take in any opportunity for perpetual improvement in everything we do.

We believe in:

* Team Work Integrity.

* Commitment.

* Ambition.

* Creativity.